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CultNet (or CultNet World) is a group of researchers sharing an interest in what can be broadly called ‘the cultural dimension’ of language teaching. The group (see ‘Groups‘) is open for anyone to join who has similar interests. They should simply provide a short explanation of themselves and their interests as an introduction to the group. This is then circulated by an email list to all members.

The purpose of CultNet was originally to help doctoral researchers to help each other, as the ‘short history’ below explains. It still has this function and welcomes doctoral researchers.

As doctoral researchers completed their doctorates, CultNet has acquired new functions, especially the planning of joint research projects (see ‘Projects‘) and publications (see ‘Publications’).

CultNet holds a meeting once per year in the UK, usually but not always in Durham University. Everyone is welcome but not everyone can come and some members remain on the list simply to receive information. Any level of membership and activity is welcome.

CultNet meetings are informal and above all an opportunity to discuss ‘work in progress’. A programme is organised where members can present work, ask for advice and help or simply make a proposal for a joint project and publication.

CultNet Asia’ has been a meeting held in Japan on three occasions on an ad hoc basis. It has had the same functions as the UK meetings.

(by Mike Byram)

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